Vinyl Records Related Links

~ Some links to other vinyl records related sites ~

Record Collectors Guild  – A great site for all things associated with vinyl records.  A great user forum and links to other vinyl record stores and sites.

Goldmine Magazine   – A nice publication for  the vinyl record community.  Great on-line resources available for hard copy subscribers.  – State-by-state list of “walk-in” retail vinyl record stores and shops.  They also specialize in high quality album cover display frames.

BagsUnlimited – Over 30 years of providing all the things necessary to archive and protect your precious vinyl records. –  Some great info primarily on turntable, cartridges, styli, amps, and other sound system equip.  Also has a page on where to buy vinyl records. – Yes, you remember these wood crates used to store your vinyl records.  These folks still make and sell them. 

Album Discographies  – the best site around for detailed listings of vinyl records from numerous labels.

Univ of Missouri-Kansas CityTips on dating un-dated vinyl records.  GREAT read.

Sixties’ Greatest Album Covers  – Rankings decided on by site visitor votes so take with a grain of salt. Still, an enjoyable view.

Seventies’ Greatest Album Covers  – Great visuals of  70’s LP covers.

World Of Grammaphones  – a really good source of info on really old vinyl and playback equipment.

Keystone Record CollectorsLancaster, PA record collectors group.  Cool site.

Crosley Radio – A long history of making turntables/record changers.  Cool website…lots of retro stuff!!

The Vinyl Engine – Self-proclaimed “home of the turntable”.  Nice links and reads.  Lots of free, downloadable user manuals, schematics, brochures, etc.  

RadioUseOnly – A new site that features listings of many made-by-radio-station LP’s –  the compilation LP’s consisting of songs by local hometown bands.  Neat site concept!

AFRTS – Not really a vinyl site, but interesting nonetheless.  The official site for The Armed Forces Radio & Television Service.  Neat info about military broadcasting around the world.  Also check out an associated site, AFRTS Archive,  for for recorded programming from AFRTS.  Also here’s a link to a DINFOS Alumni facebook page – DINFOS being the DOD’s Defense Information School, where all AFRTS broadcasters (otherwise known as DINFOS Trained Killers) are schooled in the broadcast arts.  

More links coming soon!!  Suggestions welcome, please e-mail us.

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