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Welcome to our new home! Here you’ll find links to cool vinyl record stuff, listings of nationwide record shows, and also a few links to some other really neat vinyl record sites. Whether you’re into 12″ LP’s, 45 rpm’s, 10″ EP’s, or the really classic vinyl records (78 rpm), something here should be of interest to you. Take your time and enjoy browsing the site.

2015 – The 50th Anniversary
the  famous 1965 album cover

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A little something about our “Very Special Lady”

Dolores Erickson visited NC a little over 10-years ago to attend a “Vinyl-Only” record show sponsored by She traveled from her home near Seattle, WA to autograph many of her famous album covers, meet local classic vinyl records collectors, and pose for a few “Grip & Grin” photos. She was quite impressed with the the reception she received and, following the show, Dolores asked to be the exclusive promotional and marketing entity for her line of products. Her autographed album covers and other “Whipped Cream” items are now available for purchase. is proud to host the on-line home of one of the music industry’s most famous icons, Dolores Erickson – “The Whipped Cream Lady”.

 VinylTimes’ Ray & Kathy K. and Dolores E. attended the “Vinylfest Weekend Of Music” in Louisville, KY back in Aug ’15 as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dolores’ famous album cover.  Good times!! Vinylfest- image-1
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