Store Terms

I like simple and hope you do, too.  Here’s some basic info you must agree with BEFORE you order:

My vinyl craft items

My vinyl craft items are NOT intended to be used by children.  My vinyl craft items are NOT indestructible and may be damaged if not handled with some basic care.  The surface integrity of my jigsaw puzzles is completely dependent on the care the record companies put into manufacture of their album covers (how well the images were adhered to the board).  Should some light edge fraying occur on some pieces, contact me ASAP for some really simple fixes.  All vinyl craft items were used (in a previous form) by me or someone else in the past.  So, few items will be absolutely pristine and free of “blemish” of some degree.  Remember, these items are part of someone’s personal musical history and not museum pieces.  All craft items are shipped in the exact condition as what you can see in the images.  No puzzles are shipped missing pieces so unpack carefully.

My vinyl records

Hopefully you’ve already read my vinyl record grading Scale.  If not, please do it now by CLICKING HERE.  Mine IS NOT the Goldmine scale.  ALL of my vinyl has been visually graded only using MY grading scale.  If you’re unsure about my grading, I suggest you do one of two things: 1) DON”T PURCHASE or 2) buy one or two records and you can judge for yourself.  If you are not satisfied with the grade of the vinyl per my rating, simply return it for a full refund of your purchase amount, including what you paid for shipping.  Shipping the vinyl back to me is at your expense.


I prefer the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail method.  I like to keep it simple.  It will cost $7.75 to ship anywhere east of the Mississippi, $9 west of that and $10 to Alaska and Hawaii.  That pretty much covers USPS Priority Mail costs although I do occasionally take a bit of a $$ hit on multiple LP packages. Delivery confirmation will be included – signature confirmation will be an additional expense if you prefer it.  And we never use the media mail method due to the longer delivery time and additional handling it goes through with the postal people.  International orders may be done on a case-by-case basis but will probably require non-refundable payment in advance.  That’s what I call simple.  Nice isn’t it?  I like simple.  You will, too.


I’m a long-time vinyl record collector – NOT a major corporation.  If you have an issue, just contact me.  If you include your phone number, I will actually call you.  That’s right.  No automated response or call from a third party customer service worker somewhere halfway around the world.  Real, live, person-to-person stuff.  Did I mention somewhere before that I like to keep it simple?  I thought so.  I hope you like it that way, too.  Let’s just all play nice and get along together.  I really would like that because I hope my little internet site is a place you would like to come back to.

Ray K
The Vinyl Guy at